Very good article that helps explain some of the confusion and controversy over what’s organic and what’s not – 

The USDA’s 2002 organic labeling program codified the movement, setting a series of national standards that regulated organic foods. It set four basic rules for using the word “organic” on foods.

  1. Foods that are 100% organic can be labeled “100% organic” and bear the “USDA organic” seal.
  2. Foods that are 95% organic can be labeled “organic” if the remaining 5% of ingredients cannot be found in an organic form. They too can bear the “USDA Organic” seal.
  3. Foods that are 70% organic can include the phrase “made with organic” to describe those organic ingredients.
  4. Foods containing less than 70% organic ingredients can have the word “organic” only in their lists of ingredients.

The current controversy centers on the 5% of nonorganic ingredients allowed in foods labeled “organic”.

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