Lovely write up on Four Cow Farm and our range from our newest online retailer in Singapore: White As Milk !

“When I’ve arrived in Singapore in July for White As Milk, one of my missions was to find new baby products for the website. As a young sailor in both the ecommerce and parenting world, I was lost in a bunch of baby products. However, I understood Guillaume and Geraldine’s wish to provide high-quality products on the White as Milk website.

I discovered “Four Cow Farm” with the magic of Internet. More precisely, it happened on a “ Twitter” journey. Tweets about parenting, retweets about baby skincare and a few hashtags later (#BabySkincare #Natural #Organic #Cute )… here I am on Four Cow Farm’s twitter profile.

And it was love at first sight! The desperate quest of the perfect baby skincare was finally over.”

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