Welcome to Four Cow Farm! Traditionally handcrafted from Nanna's original recipes, our 100% Natural & Organic Baby Creams and Balms are made right on our family farm.

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Four Cow Farm is a real farm named after our four bovine lodgers. Nestled amongst the lush farmland of the Blackall Range of S.E. Queensland, you can learn more about our farm, our ingredients and Nanna's range of hand-crafted baby skincare here.

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  • Our Family & Our Farm

    Four Cow Farm is a real farm nestled in the hills of the Blackhall Range in South-East Queensland. Today, Four Cow Farm is a 25 acre (11.25 ha) hobby farm but it was originally part of a much larger dairy farm. The farm overlooks the Glasshouse Mountains, arguably the most spectacular panorama in Queensland.

  • Our Premium Ingredients

    Four Cow Farm's range of baby creams and balms are lovingly handcrafted right on the family farm from only the finest pure, genuine and natural ingredients. Hand-crafted by Nanna herself, our products contain no parabens, propylene glycol, sulfates (ALS/SLS/SLES), cocamidopropyl betaine, artificial fragrances or colours.

  • Our Traditionally Handcrafted Range

    Four Cow Farm's range of Baby Creams, Washes and Balms are made right here at the farm, from the finest ingredients sourced from local suppliers we know and trust. All our products are made from 100% renewable energy and packaged in 100% recyclable bottles and jars, and no animals are harmed in the making and testing of our products.

Our Baby Care Range

Our Baby Skincare range was created by Nanna for her own two little grandchildren. Here's where you can learn more about the range and the wonderful all-natural ingredients that Nanna's put into every product. Every ingredient is premium food-grade, which means they're good enough to eat!

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